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Can you name the dates of significant events during the German Reformation?

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Tetzel sells indulgences
As soon as the coin in the coffer rings, So the soul from purgatory springs! 
Luther's 95 theses published
I've got 95 theses but the pope ain't one! 
Pope Leo X orders Luther to Rome
Pope: I order you to Rome! Luther: HELL NO! its unsafe.  
Luther and Cardinal Cajetan meet
Threatened terrible punishment if didnt recant. but Luther wanted evidence from the bible. 
Leipzig Disputation
Luther and Karlstadt debate against Eck 
Leo X issues the bull Exsurge Domine
provisional excommunication. Luther burns bull.  
Appeal to the Christian Nobility of the German Nation
leaflet written in the vernacular (german) demand for drastic political action. aim to be read by german princes. 
The Babylonish captivity of the Church
written in vulgate about the seven sacrements.  
The liberty of the Christian man
rejected idea that sola fide meant that good works were pointless (for the Theologians)  
Diet of Worms
edict of Worms (Luther is claimed a heretic) 
Luther hidden in Wartburg Castle
Translates Bible into German 
Radical Karlstadt controls reformation in Wittenburg
ministers can marry, equality in mass and no decoration.  
Luther returns to Wittenburg
Knight's war
Ulrich von Hutten leader of the imperial knights. Series of rebellions. 
Peasants revolt
peasants discontent in germany. hundreds of castles, religious houses and towns were ransacked.  
Admonition to peace
supported peasants aims and actions 
Against the murderouse, thieving hordes of peasants
pamphlet states the princes must stop and kill peasants coz they are CRAZZZAYY!  
First Diet of Speyer
charles goes to spain and ferdinand makes lutherinism legal  
Second Diet of speyer
Charles comes back and puts it all to ****, makes illegal again.  
Marburg colloquy
Zwingli and Luther will not fight publically but don't shake hands 
Diet of Augbsburg
An attempt to unify Christians.  
Schmalkaldic League Formed
Protestant army formed by Philip Hesse 
Wittenburg Concord
a religious concordat signed by reformed and Lutheran theologans 
Schmalkalden Articles
Luther writes article about Schmalkalic league 
First Colloquy of Regensburg
Attempts to restore religious unity in the Holy Roman Empire by means of theological debate. 
Luther dies
Second Colloquy of Regensburg
Second Colloquy of Regensburg 
Imperial forces crush Schmalkaldic League
Imperial forces crush Schmalkaldic League  
Diet of Augsburg
anyone who is lutheran must be excommunicated including the princes 
Princely Revolt
Princely Revolt  
Peace of Augsburg

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