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Who killed Bellatrix Lestrange?
Where did Harry first meet Ron Weasley?
Who first opened the Chamber of Secrets?
Who killed Dumbledore?
Who was the potions professor in Book #6?
What is Harry's patronus?
Who taught Harry to cast a patronus?
Who did Harry want take to the yule ball?
In goblet of fire, what was the first task?
Whose wand got stuck up a troll's nose in Harry's first year?
Who did Ron marry?
Who did Harry marry?
Who did Bill marry?
Which Weasley lost an ear?
What is the name of Ron's owl?
What is the name of Percy's owl?
What is the name of the Weasley family owl?
What is the name of Harry's owl?
Who was the headmaster for part of the fifth book?
Fawkes is a...
What type of car did Mr. Weasley bewitch to fly?
Who does Percy idolize in the 4th book
In the 4th book, what does Fred and George bet with Ludo Bagman?
What age does Rita write Harry is?
What is the last line in The last Harry Potter book?
What was the core and wood of Lucius's Wand
In what room did the D.A. practice?
Who killed Fred
What spell did Harry use to levitate Ron
What did Hermione do to help ron know they were there
What plant did Harry use in the second tast (number 2)
In The Philosophers Stone, whats the last obsticle?
What caused Harry to fall off his broom?

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