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What does Mac refer to Aristotle, Galileo, and Newton as?
What does Charlie try to trade his furs for?
What's the greatest band of all time?
Who has to do the dishes?
What is something Dennis wears to fit in with the hippies?
Why can't the gang gain entrance to the private pool?
What does the maniac get arrested for?
What does Charlie do with most of the mail?
What does Mac buy at the pawn shop?
What does Charlie ask santa?
'Let's oil up a couple of asses and...'
Who does Dennis impersonate so he can 'get off?'
What does Dee accidentally inject Dennis with?
How did the gang get rid of Schmitty?
What is the name of Frank's 50s doo-wop group?
What's the best cure for eating an apple skin, according to Mac?
What cool word does Mac call everyone in 'Mac's Big Break?'
What do Charlie and Dennis get mistaken for by a truck driver?
What gets Mac riled up in the therapist's office?
What are Charlie's hobbies?
What does Frank tell Bruce his name is so he can scam him?
What's in the milk?
Why did Frank really go to Vietnam?
Who is Dee's pimp?
What condition does Frank have a certificate clearing him of?
What does Dennis put on the poster to attract the shusher?
Who asks Mac to prom?
Why does Dennis get to choose what everyone eats?
What does Charlie trade Mac for his smear tape against Dennis' comptroller campaign?
What do Charlie and Mac give the wrestling team in high school?
What is Dennis looking for when he finds out about Charlie's 'cancer?'
Who does Charlie become to fight corruption in the police force?
What does Charlie huff at his high school reunion?
Why does Charlie want a boat?
What celebrity is Frank prostitute involved with?
Who doesn't exist?
Who teams up with Sinbad to harass Dennis?
Dennis is ****. Why Charlie hate?
What does Mac get hit in the face with on the road trip?
What is the M.A.C. system?
Whose nametag does Frank steal at the reunion?
What do Frank and Charlie boil?
Who is the most underrated actor of all time?
What do Dee and Dennis smoke at the jersey shore?
How does Charlie get the nice smokey smell in the bar?
Who tipped Charlie off to the missing people at his mail room job?
Where have we seen the gang smoke weed?
What shouldn't Charlie eat on (or before) a date?
What color is 'riot punch?'
According to Frank, what's the most important factor in impersonating a black man?

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