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Share a border with Belgium. A)Netherlands B)Switzerland C)France D)Germany
Have red on its flag. A)Egypt B)Germany C)Italy D)Greece
Have a star on its flag. A)Norway B)Chile C)China D)North Korea
Share a border with Croatia. A)Italy B)Bosnia and Herzegovina C)Hungary D)Slovenia
Share a border with Mozambique. A)South Africa B)Zimbabwe C)Botswana D)Zambia
Touch water. A)France B)Canada C)Russia D)Chad
Own another country. A)France B)Mali C)USA D)United Kingdom
Have over 1 million people. A)Brazil B)Iraq C)Liechtenstein D)Sweden
Touch the Atlantic Ocean. A)Portugal B)Kazakhstan C)Senegal D)Canada
Have the Nile River pass through it. A)Egypt B)Sudan C)Uganda D)Libya
Share a border with Russia. A)Ukraine B)Slovakia C)Belarus D)Estonia
Touch the Indian Ocean. A)India B)Sri Lanka C)Jordan D)Maldives
Border a landlocked country. A)Spain B)China C)Sweden D)Brazil
Have less than 1 million people. A)St. Kitts and Nevis B)Andorra C)Cyprus D)South Africa
Have blue on its flag. A)Argentina B)Kazakhstan C)Pakistan D)Greece
Have a 3-colored flag. A)Romania B)Palau C)USA D)Mongolia
Share a border with Paraguay. A)Argentina B)Brazil C)Uruguay D)Bolivia
Share a border with Tanzania. A)Somalia B)Dem. Rep. of the Congo C)Malawi D)Zambia
Have islands as part of it. A)Greece B)Algeria C)Chile D)Canada
Have a female ruler. A)Mali B)Denmark C)Norway D)Trinidad and Tobago

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