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Can you name the Worst Opening Weekends (2000+ Theaters)?

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ActorsMovieRelease Date
Freddie Prinze, Jr; Anne Bancroft (voices)12/12/08
Wes Bentley; Rachel Nichols11/9/07
Corbin Bernsen; Dennis Haysbert4/17/98
Brittany Brown-Hart; Benjamin Fletcher (as themselves)4/25/03
Drake Bell; Kevin Covais8/29/08
Eddie Murphy; Rosario Dawson8/16/02
Vanessa Hudgens; David Bowie8/14/09
Ernest Borgnine; Bebe Neuwirth (voices)3/29/96
Hugh Jackman; Ewan McGregor4/25/08
Kim Basinger; Vincent Perez5/5/00
Nathan Lane; Kelsey Grammer (voices)1/16/04
Adam Brody; Mike Vogel8/15/03
Rainn Wilson; Christina Applegate8/20/08
Eric Bana; Drew Barrymore5/4/07
Kelly Clarkson; Justin Guarini6/20/03
Colin Firth; Ben Kingsley8/17/07
Bill Paxton; Ben Kingsley7/30/04
Christian Slater; Tara Reid1/28/05
Keenen Ivory Wayans; Jon Voight10/10/97
Chris Farley; Matthew Perry5/29/98
ActorsMovieRelease Date
Garry Shandling; Annette Bening3/3/00
Allen Covert; Doris Roberts1/6/06
David Spade; Sophie Marceau4/23/99
Warren Beatty; Goldie Hawn4/27/01
Patrick Swayze; Oliver Platt3/24/95
Bill Murray; Tim Robbins10/10/08
Charlize Theron; Kevin Bacon9/20/02
Angus Macfadyen; Mario Yedidia5/2/97
Jason David Frank; Johnny Yong Bosch3/28/97
Owen Wilson; Morgan Freeman1/30/04
Luke Wilson; Logan Lerman5/5/06
John Cusack; Amanda Peet11/2/07
Cuba Gooding Jr.; Lochlyn Munro8/8/07
Kevin Sorbo; Tia Carrere8/29/97
Jennifer Aniston; Kevin Costner12/25/05
Leslie Nielsen; Richard Crenna8/21/98
Rene Russo; Alan Cumming6/6/97
Tim Allen; Patrick Warburton12/21/01
Victor Wong; Max Elliott Slade5/6/94
Cathy Cavadni; Tara Strong (voices)7/3/02

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