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Can you name the Worst Albums of the 2000s according to Metacritic?

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Playing with Fire (2006)'His flow is generic and instantly forgettable and his lyrics are trite, inconsequential and full of self-importance.'
Hefty Fine (2005)'No, kids, it's not that scatological jokes aren't funny, just that these scatological jokes aren't funny.'
Results May Vary (2003)'Since the music has no melody, hooks, or energy, all attention is focused on the clown jumping up and down and screaming in front.'
Testify (2002)'...sounds dated with his glossy production, precision session-playing and radio-friendly songs all done by numbers with a great big hole where a heart should be.'
One (2004)'One offers ten tracks of zipless triple-A folktronica -- bland, edgeless songs like 'A Million Ways' that wouldn't even heat up the Ballroom D dancefloor on the final night of a Midwestern Regional Sales Conference.'
Juliana's Pony: Total System Failure (2000)'Messy, noisy, directionless, and painfully shy on both tunes and purpose... and winds up sounding a bit like a parody.'
Rebirth (2010)'Rebirth is – without qualification – the most embarrassing album of the last 10 years. Embarrassing for him, for his audience, for rap, for humanity.'
Sick Dogs and Ponies (2008)'It sometimes feels like these guys have confused expanding their range with finding new sources to rip off.'
United Nations of Sound (2010)'The former Verve leader attempts urban crossover. Look away now.'
Life on Display (2003)'These hammerheads still sound like the touring company of Grunge-a-Mania.'
(One) (2006)'Could pass for a load of Stone Temple Pilots B-sides.'
Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces (2007)'A series of I'm-singing-through-a-cell-phone vocal filters can't disguise how played out Morgan's style is.'
Sweet 7 (2010)'Surely the last flogging of a heavily Photoshopped horse.'
[Self-Titled] (2008)'The 23-year-old Malibu rapper's debut is as shallow as a spray-on tan; it's stocked with bro'd-out, giggly rhymes about 420-filled nights and T&A aplenty.'
Graffiti (2009)''Famous Girl' throws the album off balance, and makes every note feel exploitive and self-serving.'
Jagged Little Pill Acoustic (2005)'Stripped of the rough guitars and eclectic production of the original, two things are exposed - those words and that voice. Neither fare well.'
[Self-Titled] (2003)'A highly overproduced, shallow, soulless, confused, pop-by-numbers disaster that betrays everything the woman stood for a decade ago, and most heinously, betrays all her original fans.'
Never Gone (2005)'This kind of music doesn't sound quite as convincing when delivered by a group of guys as it does by one singer.'
Under the Radar (2008)'This is music that was manufactured to be played everywhere except those places to which people go when they want to hear music.'
A Lively Mind (2006)'...plays like a collection of tracks destined for car commercials, Hollywood movies and Superbowl half-time shows.'
Gameface (2001)' on interpolations rather than original songwriting...amateur-at-best rapping...generic beats'

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