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Can you name the Daytime Soap Stars in Multiple Roles?

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Wendy Wilkins, Ava Rescott, Lila Cory Winthrop
Nola Dancy Aldrich, Echo DiSavoy, Reva Shayne
Mark McCormick, Dr. Kevin Collins, Craig Montgomery
Sarah Gordon, Vicky Hudson, Melissa Bedford
Dr. Bucky Carter, Tom Hughes, Buzz Cooper
Laura Spencer, Diana Colville, Ceara Connor
Cagney McCleary, Jack Deveraux, Dr. Tom Hardy
Carly Benson Corinthos, Julia Larrabee, Sandy Sommers
Dr. Dan Stewart, Sean Donely, Alastair Crane
Ashley Abbott, Kelly Capwell, Kristen Blake
Beth Raines, Adrienne Johnson, Paulina Cory
Alan-Michael Spaulding, Whip Jones, Ric Lansing
Tracy Quarternaine, Cynthia Preston Courtlandt, Angelica Deveraux
Mitch Laurence, Tom Fisher, Trent Robbins
Carly Manning, Maggie Carpenter, Olivia Spencer
Scott Baldwin, Jeb Hampton, Keith Morrissey
Rachel Davis, Dorian Lord, Hecuba
Kayla Brady, Katherine Bell, Sierra Esteban
Frisco Jones, Warren Lockridge, Nick Marone
Myrna Clegg, Alexandra Spaulding, Vanessa Bennett Cortlandt
Molly Conlan, Lois Cerullo, Felicia Forrester
Dean Frame, Gus Aitoro, Dr. Jake Martin
Gilly Grant, Belinda Keefer, Liz Sanbourne
Lujack, Dr. David Hayward, David Chow
Dr. Eve Lambert, Billie Reed, Janet Ciccone
Victoria Newman, Kelly Cramer, Katie Logan
Sky Whitney, Kyle Sampson, Travis Montgomery
Heather Webber, Gina Capwell, Janet Green
Jessie Hubbard, Jacob Foster, Griggs
Lindsey Wells, Margo Lynley, Kate Roberts
Don Craig, CC Capwell, Edward Quartermaine
Liza Colby, Eden Capwell, Tangie Hill
Patrick Thornhart, Dr. Ian Thornhart, Zach Slater
Jack Abbott, Mason Capwell, Royce Keller
Gabrielle Medina, Jenna Bradshaw, Celia Frasier
Bobby Warner, Rafe Kovitch, Dylan Lewis
Carly Benson Corinthos, Reese Williams, Ava Vitali
Justin Kiriakis, Ned Ashton, Sam Hutchins
Tina Lord, Tawny Moore, Rebecca Hotchkiss
Annie Logan, Dr. Claire Ramsey, Barbara Montgomery
AJ Quartermaine, Jude Cavanaugh, Deacon Sharp
Dr. Angie Hubbard, Chantal Marshall, Dr. Ellen Burgess
Greg Nelson, Dr. Jamie Frame, Sam Rappaport
Tanner Scofield, Caleb Morley, John McBain
Steffi Brewster, Mia Saunders, Victoria Newman
Dash Nichols, Gary Sinclair, Kevin Buchanan
Gwen Parrish Frame, Opal Gardner, Rebecca Whitmore
Sam Fowler, Bo Brady, Stavros Cassadine
Ally Rescott, Cassie Layne Winslow, Carly Benson Corinthos
Rick Forrester, Lucky Spencer, JR Chandler

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