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Body Systems
Processes Food to Absorb Nutrients; Stomach, Esophagus, Small and Large Intestines 
Relay Information for the Body to Function; Brain, Spinal Cord, Nerves 
Structure and Support of the Body; Bones 
Transportation of items throughout the Body; Heart, Blood Vessels 
Gas Exchange for the Body; Lungs, Trachea 
Movement of the Body; Muscles 
Cell Organization
Smallest in Cell Organization; Cardiac Muscle ____ 
Made Up of Answer #1; Cardiac Muscle ______ 
Collection of Answer #2; Heart 
Collection of Answer #3; Cardiac ______ 
Collection of Answer #4; Human 
Cells Moving Materials
Movement from High Concentration to Low Concentration; No Energy 
Movement of Water Over a Membrane; Water Moves Towards Solutes; No Energy 
Movement of Molecules from High Concentration to Low Concentration; Requires Energy (ATP) 
Products and Reactants
Reactant of Photosynthesis; CO2 
Reactant of Photosynthesis; H2O 
Reactant of Photosynthesis; Type of Energy 
Product of Photosynthesis; C6H12O6 
Product of Photosynthesis; O2 
Reactant of Cell Respiration; C6H12O6 
Reactant of Cell Respiration; O2 
Product of Cell Respiration; CO2 
Product of Cell Respiration; H2O 
Product of Cell Respiration; Adenosine Triphosphate' 
Live in Extreme Conditions 
Live Almost Anywhere 
Some Make Own Food, Some Consume 
Sexual or Asexual Reproduction 
Consume for Their Energy 
Chromosomes are Copied 
Mitosis Starts; Chromosomes Condense 
Centrioles Move to Opposite Poles; Chromatids Align in Equator of Cell 
Chromatids Separate and Move to Opposite Poles 
Nuclear Membrane Forms Around Chromosomes and Unwind; Mitosis is Over 
The Cell Pinches into Two 
1st; Based on DNA Similarities 
2nd; Type of Organism 
3rd; Resemblance 
4th; Common Attribute 
5th; Similar Character 
6th; One of More Common Genera 
7th; Common Attribute 
8th; Can Mate 

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