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Forced Order
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Future Had Its Ears Off Me
Aaron Burr
This Wouldn't Be Too Much
I Won't Be Front
Hamilton Victorious
What Dies What Lives What Writes My Truth
The Maria Novel
In Control
The Hamilton Brothers
My Stubborn Master
The Truth of Today
Write Yes to That
Your Wasted Opportunity
Trump Off My Back
Sincerely Aaron Burr
They Think
Go Dead (Prologue)
Left Foot Woman
Suck Some Of Them Home
Act From Them
Who Goes First
The Summer's Meeting
Bureau Peacetime 2
The Obama Anarchy
You Think Her
CEO Affirmed
Bureau Peacetime 1
They're Noisy Downcity
Two First Consistencies
One Peacetime Suggestion
Worst Of Husbands And Worst Of Men
The Dictatorship of 2000
Go Dead
Band-Aids and Airplanes
LifeSaverCity (The Air Stayed Right Side Up)
The Truth of Today (Prologue)
Miss You Outside
The Outside Space Where They Do Not Occur
Alexander Hamilton, Ma'am
The Air Wasn't Too Narrow
Give Some Effort
Who Would You Meet

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