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Forced Order
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I may have my nose in my books / But I know that love's more than just looks / I know that he begs / But with all of those eggs / I'd have to get 51 cooks!
Last weekend I found a huge cork / And giggled and squealed like a dork / Amongst my collection / It's nearly perfection / But nothing can beat this here fork!
I don't need someone rich, smart, or buff / This street rat is more than enough / Dad's just not that smart / But then, isn't that part / Of all of this Dis' Princess stuff?
I grew up so lonely and sad / With no real friends, just mom and dad / Sis ignored my existence / Despite my persistence / So now my true love radar's bad
I just want to go to the ball / It's not like I have some weird drawl / Just let me feel pretty / For life's been so gritty / My wish list is really quite small
I spent my years locked in a tower / With magic that came from a flower / But a thief stole my heart / Now I'm ready to start / My newfound love, life, and--yes--power.
Their home I worked hard to defend / At one point I near met my end / I may be young yet / But don't you forget / I'm the one girl who started this trend
I know life is hard as a ma'am / But right now I don't know who I am / My whole life's a lie / Heck, I might even die / Before I can chill with my fam
My powers leave everyone cold / I froze the whole town, so I'm told / But I'm now far away / So the trouble's at bay / I just have to stay till I'm old
I don't want any fancy red rose / Just give me my arrows and bows / I've got red curly hair / And my mom is a bear / (What, a bit too on-the-nose?)
One prick from a needle, and then / I'm out, in a deep state of Zen / The fairies take over / (Though none are named Clover) / Until I'm awake once again.
I totally know how to sail! / Just...don't put me next to a whale. / But I trust my friend Ocean / With its soft, gentle motion / (As long as there's not any hail.)
Of course princesses can find work / (And no, I'm not just a clerk) / Yes, I loved my frog days / But I won't change my ways / Even though it may drive them berserk
If you're looking for 'true,' then don't bother / Really, he's old as my father! / Try reading Polette / If you're looking to get / A history book for your daughter.

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