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Forced Order
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Come watch me onstage as I sing / While dressed up in dazzling bling / Afterwards, take me home / Yes, you look like a gnome / But I'll make you feel like a king
I'm quite mild-mannered and kind / But patients are so hard to find / I just want to help / But I make racists yelp / So I guess to this life I'm resigned
I'm a lovable guy, this is true / I stick by my buds through and through / Though I may be a slob / I can make your heart throb / Especially if you're gay (and blue)
I wish they would tell me I'm funny / Even if it won't leave me with money / Sure, cooking was fun / But, well, that job's done / And now my life's quite far from sunny
I don't do that much with my life / I certainly don't need a wife / Just don't cut my 'net / Or you'll soon regret / That one time you gave me your knife
I secretly love my best friend / It's not just a phase or some trend / I scream that I'm straight / But I've found, as of late / It's getting real hard to pretend
I just want someone to call mine / If I had only that, I'd be fine / I don't need cars or jewels / And I've no time for fools / Just a chat and a nice glass of wine
We'll torture you all night and day / We stand for no work and all play / But wait, are we real? / If not, no big deal / Just listen and do as we say!
I'm just some washed up child star / Who once was all set to go far / But my folks stole my dough / Now I've nowhere to go / I can't even buy a nice car
I'm innocent, cheerful, and young / And a puppet, so no heart or lung / But this show's about me / And I'm just filled with glee / There's so many songs to be sung!

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