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Historical Clue
Before August 1776, most of the fighting in the Revolution took place where?
More than 1,400 Americans were killed, wounded, or captured at this battle.
Famous spy who was caught and hanged. His famous last words, 'I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.'
After escaping from the British Army, George Washington decided to attack this location
On Christmas, 1776, Washington and his troops left Pennsylvania and crossed this river.
German mercenaries hired by King George III
British General who created a plan to cut off New England from the other colonies
American who defeated and delayed the British Army at New York. He would later betray his country and become the only person in the Revolution to be a general for both the American
American victory that finally convinced France to enter the war and fights against the British.
The Marquis de Lafayette was a nobleman who promoted democracy and was from this country.
Prussian advisor, Frederick Von Steuben, helped the Americans train at this makeshift fort.
Many soldiers during the harsh winter of 1776-1777 suffered from disease and ______________

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