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Forced Order
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to wound
fit a description, or match up
hurt/ damage in general
to feel an emotion - before adjective or como
get together well/poorly
be weird to
feeling a certain way to the touch
go, come back
be pleasing to or to like
be important to
fit on someone or be the size for
shange to new class/status
love as likeing or caring for someone/something
be missing
in the mood for
controlled change but with prolonged devolpment, aka finally
adjust the size
be burning
feel like doing something
feel/ sense that...
physically touch
leave from somewhere
sudden, temporary change
give back
active, controlled change to a stable result
unexpected, permanent change
to be approved/ disapproved by
fit (physical parts together)
drop or leave something behind
be left or remaining
to feel an emotion - before noun
is interested in, interested by
be annoyed by
be indifferent
fit someone for clothes
be painful
loves to
believe (idea or opinion)
to hurt someone
be disgusted by
leave out or omit
go away
think (about)
mess up or spoil
left over
there to be room for somehting
love as strong affection towards people
'find' something a certain way
be sorry for
be bored with
leave out or skip

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