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Which letter in this Beatles song name is wrong (missing, replaced or unnecessary)? Type it. (See examples.)

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Happyness Is A Warm Gun
What's The New Marry Jane
Rocky Racoon
I Don't Want To Spoyl The Party
I'll Cry Insted
Day In The Life
Strawbery Fields Forever
The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bil
Love Of The Love
Wild Hony Pie
Rok And Roll Music
You Won't Sea Me
Good Mourning Good Mourning
Martha My Deer
You Like Me Two Much
Here, There And Everywere
Elenor Rigby
Too Much Monky Business
I'm Looking Though You
PC I Love You
When I'm Sixthy-Four
Magical Mistery Tour
Hey Buldog
Things We Sad Today
Lusy In The Sky With Diamonds
Twist And Showt
I'm Happy Just To Danse With You
With A Little Help From My Friend
Yelow Submarine
Act Naturaly

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