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Which word in this lyrics piece from 'Rubber Soul' album is mixed up? Type it.

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Write your number on my wall, and maybe you will get a call from me.
I sat on a rock biding my time, drinking her wine.
And if your heart's strong, hold on, I won't betray.
Although your mind's awake, try thinking more if just for your own sake.
I'm here to shine everybody the light.
Your voice is proving, but the words aren't clear.
I'll never lose attention for people and things that went before.
Michelle, ma belle sont des mots qui vont très well ensemble.
Working for popcorn is all very fine.
Let this be a joke, I mean everything I've said.
Though the days are few, they're filled with bears.
Was she told when she was young that joy would lead to pleasure?
Isn't he a beetle like you and me?
But now the wheel is turning, I can see that I was blind.

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