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Which word in this lyrics piece from 'Help' album is mixed up? Type it.

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How was I to know you would disturb me?
And I won all the world to see we've met.
Love me like you did the night before.
Big and black the clouds may be, love will pass away.
I will follow you and take you back where you belong.
Now I find I've lost my mind, I've opened up the doors.
There's a phantom hanging over me.
If you don't treat her right, my fiend, you're going to find her gone.
She's better than all the girls and I met quite a few.
Run and tell your mama I want you to be my wife.
If she's gone I can't go on feeling two-foot tall.
They're gonna make a big fool out of me.
I don't know why she's flying so high.
Why am I so high when I'm beside you?

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