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How many hairs does the average red-head have?This doesn't include bald red-heads.
Why did the chicken cross the road?This isn't quite the use of 'cross' in the joke
How many times has a test cricket bowler taken over 600 wickets?Includes dead, old, retired and current cricketers. ONLY TEST
Which random event was included in the first few olympics?It wasn't around for long, and you probably played it at school sports days (back in the day)
In Star Wars, what is the name of the gas giant cloud city hovers over?See episode V
How many games have valve made since 1998 (inclusive)?Including Counter strike: Global Offensive, even though its not strictly out yet.
Who wrote the book series on assassin's creed?Titles include 'The Secret Crusade' 'Renaissance' and 'Brotherhood'
What was the first arcade game ever made?No, pong is not an arcade game. By the loosest standards, it is a sports game. (simulates tennis very basically)

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