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Incorrect sentence or phraseCorrection (one word)
I think alot more people should know that this is wrong.
That baby bird can't find it's mother.
If you think this sentence is grammatically correct then your wrong.
There will be less people at the park if the rain doesn't ease up.
That's a ridiculous amount of things in your luggage!
Our robot is superior to there robot.
Commercials effect people's beliefs more than one would think.
People are less intelligent then they think they are.
This is probably the the most obvious one.
It's definitely difficult to breath under water without any equipment.
Incorrect sentence or phraseCorrection (one word)
The principle got mad at us for throwing a rock at your head.
You really should of gone outside today; the weather was absolutely gorgeous!
This error occurs to many times.
I have no idea who's books were left on the table last night.
You should probably go and find her anyways.
When I was three years old, I use to chase my cat.
After we've finished our tests, we're suppose to hand them in over there.
I'm exhausted; I think I need to lay down.
That was the most climatic part of the story, so that's what I'm acting out in class.
This just ain't acceptable.

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