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These are the names of Aegon the Conqueror's sisters/wives 
This is the youngest of the Great Houses 
This is the bastard son of Aegon IV who started a rebellion to become king 
This is the Targaryen civil war in which most of the Dragons died, leading to their eventual (alleged) extinction. 
This former hedge knight became Lord Commander of the Kings Guard for Aegon V 
City of the Dothraki. Its name means 'City of Riders' 
Name any of the nine Free Cities 
This swampy area divides the North and South of Westeros 
This is a mountain range north of the Wall 
This is a group of islands south of Westeros and Essos 
Medicine used to kill pain and put one to sleep 
This parasite is often used to treat infections or seizures  
This poison eats away at the bowels of a victim 
This poison causes the victim to choke as if on a piece of food 
This disease can cause one's body to become cracked, dead, and look like stone. It is often fatal 
This this the color of a raven used to indicate the changing of the seasons 
This is a common saying suggesting that ravens usually bring bad news 
According to legend, these people would have ravens speak messages rather than carry them  
Ravens are fond of eating this type of grain 
This is the area where maesters keep their ravens 
This is the Dothraki work for 'king' 
This phrase is High Valyrian for 'All men must die' 
This is the translation of the Old Ghiscari word 'Mhysa' 
This is what the people of Westeros call their language 
This was the language of the First Men, and is still spoken by many Wildlings. 

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