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Can you pass this exam to become a Chuunin?

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Forced Order
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The Written Exam
What Ninja ranks come before and after Chuunin (write both) 
What do shinobi where on their brow which acts as protection and shows their symbol? 
How many basic hand seals are there? 
What basic Ninja tool is a short blade with a ring at the end of the handle? 
What are the leaders of the five Great Nations called? 
Survival Test
You want to make sure your enemies can't see you. What technique should you use to temporarily turn into someone/something else? 
You set up camp. What explosive trap should you place around your campsite to stop intruders? 
Oh no! A shuriken is thrown at you. What technique should you use to make something else take your place? 
You want to escape your opponent. What ninja tool will create smoke to use as a distraction? 
You want a Ninja animal to help track enemies and protect you. What technique should you use? 
One on One Battle
You want to carefully attack your opponent from a distance. What basic star shaped Ninja tool should you use? 
Your opponent retaliates. What technique could you use to trick your opponent into attacking a copy of yourself? 
Your opponent uses lightning techniques (raiton). What element should you use to counter it? 
Oh no! Your opponent is putting you under a genjutsu! What do you do to break it (i.e What do you shout as you break the genjutsu?) 
Time to finish off your opponent. Use any of the previous techniques (not weapons) to win. 

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