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Forced Order
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Clue OneHomonymClue Two
Able to maintain a constant body temperatueA reaction that absorbs heat
Vehicle used to transfer genetic informationUnit containing both magnitude and direction
A waterfall A series of biochemical reactions
The ratio between a circle's circumference and diameter__ Bond: A covalent bonds consisting of overlapping atomic orbitals
___ Base: Substance left after acid donated a protonWhen two bacteria exchange genetic information
A collision in which kinetic energy is conservedA substance that returns to its original shape after being stretched
The basic component of lifeThe Galvanic ___
Clue OneHomonymClue Two
Rectangular array of numbersThe extracellular ____
The center of a eukaryotic cell in which DNA is storedThe center of an atom consisting of protons and neutrons
A substance coming out of solutionWater or ice falling from the sky
The probability that something will reject the null hypothesisEnergy over time
Unit of angleUnit of temperature
Horizontal row of the table of elementsLength of time in which one cycle takes place
Initial angle of a sinusoidal waveState of matter

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