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Which anime does it belong to?

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Sakura HarunoFemale lead
NamiFemale lead
Rukia KuchikiFemale lead
Reiatsu/Soul EnergyMagic Power
HakiMagic Power
ChakraMagic Power
Donquixote DoflaminoVillain
Sosuke AizenVillain
ParadiseLocation in world
Soul SocietyLocation in world
Konoha/Hidden LeafLocation in world
HollowSpecial power of main character
NinetailsSpecial power of main character
Devil FruitSpecial power of main character
Portgas D. Ace (Adopted)Relative of main character
Minato NamikazeRelative of main character
Isshin (Last name of main character)Relative of main character
EspadaEnemy Organization
AkatsukiEnemy Organization
MarinesEnemy Organization
Whisker markingsDistinguishing feature of main character
Cheek scarDistinguishing feature of main character
Orange hairDistinguishing feature of main character
Silvers RayleighMentor of main character
JiraiyaMentor of main character
Kisuke UraharaMentor of main character
Shinigami/Soul ReaperClassification of characters
NinjaClassification of characters
PirateClassification of characters

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