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All of the times Harry broke the rules

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Wrongdoing AnswerPunishment
Harry sneaked out of bed to duel this studentNot caught
Harry broke into the restricted section to research this personNot caught
Harry smuggled this illegal dragon out of HogwartsLost 50 points and did detention in the forest
Harry flew this car model to Hogwarts and was seen by mugglesOne detention and a letter to the Dursleys
Harry helped brew this forbidden potion to sneak into the Slytherin common roomNot caught
Harry spent a lot of time in a girls bathroom with this ghostLost 5 points from Gryffindor (only the first time)
Harry magically blew up this aunt No punishment (Seriously?)
Harry sneaked into this magical village illegally No punishment
With this magical object, Harry illegally went back in time, rescued a convicted hippogriff and convicted murdererNot caught
Harry cheated in the Triwizard tournament by finding out about dragons from this personNo punishment
Wrongdoing AnswerPunishment
Harry dueled with Draco Malfoy in front of this classroomLost points from Gryffindor
Harry cheated in the Triwizard tournament by getting this magical plant from DobbyNot caught
Harry and his friends viciously cursed Malfoy, Crabbe,and Goyle on this trainNot caught (Seriously?)
Harry illegally formed this defense groupNo punishment (Dumbledore took the blame)
Harry and this person beat up Draco Malfoy Lost house points, got detentions, banned from Quidditch team
Harry broke into this teachers office to use her fireplaceNot caught (first time), escaped punishment (second time)
Harry cheated in potions by using instructions from a book belong to this personNot Caught
Harry almost killed Draco Malfoy with this spellMany detentions
Harry, (an underage wizard), intentionally got this teacher drunkNot caught
In Harry's seventh year, pretty much everything he did was against the law, because this dark wizard took over the ministryNo punishment

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