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Can you name the characters in A song of Ice and Fire who broke an oath?

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Forced Order
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Oath BrokenCharacter
Broke the Night's Watch vows by joining the Wildlings and leading them against the Watch
Violated her oath of service to Theon Greyjoy by helping the Starks escape him
Broke the King's Guard vows by sleeping with Arianne Martell
Violates his oath to the Windblown by leaving them for Daenerys
Broke the Night's Watch vows by sleeping with Ygritte
Violated his betrothal to a daughter of Walder Frey by marrying another woman
Broke the Night's Watch vows by sleeping with Gilly
Broke the King's Guard vows by killing King Aerys II
Oath BrokenCharacter
Broke her marriage vow to Robert Baratheon by sleeping with her twin brother
Broke his oath to his Liege Lord by killing Robb Stark at the Red Wedding
Broke the Night's Watch vows by attempting to lead an escape, but was killed by the Others first
According to legend, violated Guest Rights by killing a prince and serving him in a pie to his father
Violated Guest Rights by killing his guests at a wedding
Broke the Night's Watch vows by abandoning Sam and marrying a prostitute in Braavos
Broke his marriage vow to Catelyn Tully (officialy, according to the books)

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