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Can you name the ASOIAF characters as if they were students at Hogwarts?

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Forced Order
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A brave sixth year boy who is mocked by Slytherins for being a half-blood. He saved his teacher from a Dementor and was given his teachers ancient wand as a reward. 
A strong sixth year prefect who is said by some to be a werewolf. He aspires for Gryffindor house to be its own wizarding school. 
A handsome, brave, yet reckless seventh year, who is a dueling champion, and skilled at herbology. 
A wise and thoughtful third year. He is skilled at divination. 
A cowardly, yet highly intelligent sixth year who is fond of books. He is called the 'Slayer' for managing to defeat a dementor.  
A cunning sixth year prefect who is from a rich, pureblood family. She enjoys herbology. 
A third year girl who loves the Tales of Beedle the Bard. She is lusted after by a devious Ministry official.  
A stubborn but hardworking fifth year student who interns with Ollivander, learning to make wands. 
An extremely loyal yet shy third year boy who once saved his teacher from a rogue auror. 
An ambitious fifth year student who believes she is the rightful leader of all four houses. She Illegally breeds dragons with Hagrid. 
A violent first year student, skilled at dueling for her age, who seeks revenge on those who wronged her. 
A cruel third year boy and a member of a rich, pureblood family. He has his cronies beat girls. 

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