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Can you name the facts about Minerva McGonagall?

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(M) Portrayed by... 
(I) Uses this curse on Amycus Carrow 
(N) Her final line of the series 
(E) 'Miss Brown, would you mind running along to our headmistress and informing her we have an ___ firework in our classroom?' 
(R) 'We teachers are _____ good at magic, you know.' 
(V) Duels this wizard in the final battle 
(A) 'I doubt it will make much difference, unless a mad _____ is waiting outside the doors.' 
(M) Reprimands this professor for transfiguring Malfoy 
(C) Tells Peeves that this 'unscrews the other way' 
(G) Head of this Hogwarts House 
(O) Member of this organization 
(N) Bans this student from entering Hogsmeade 
(A) Hers is a tabby cat 
(G) Orders this drink at the Three Broomsticks 
(A) 'I've ___ wanted to use that spell!' [movie] 
(L) Regrets appointing this person to Quidditch commentary 
(L) 'Piertotum ______ !' 

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