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What was the name of Uncle Vernon's clients who visited at the begining?
What was the name of the House-Elf who tried to warn Harry of a sinister plot at Hogwarts?
Which car had Arthur Weasley bewitched to make fly?
What was the name of the shop where Harry met Gilderoy Lockhart?
Why did Ron recieve a Howler from his mother?
What dangerous plant were the second years learning about in Herbology?
Who is Slytherin's new Seeker?
Which of the Ghosts were celebrating their Deathday?
Who was the first to be Petrified?
What is the name of the girl who died 50 years ago?
What drink does Madam Pomfrey give Harry after the incident with the Rogue Bludger at Quidditch?
What spell does Snape demonstrate on Lockhart during the Dueling Club?
What is the name of someone who possesses the uncommon ability to speak to snakes?
Who was the school's previous Headmaster?
How was Hermione Petrified?
What was Aragog's wife called?
What was the message on the wall that indicated Ginny had been taken into the Chamber?
Who is Tom Marvolo Riddle?
What weapon did Harry use to kill the Basilisk?
What item of clothing did Harry give to free Dobby from his enslavement?

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