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Forced Order
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A volturi guard
Father of the werewolf protagonist
Last name of the 4th boy to phase into a werewolf
The coven Irina belongs to
The cullen thats saved by a bear
Where Bella moves to
American Normad, becomes Kates mate
Rosalie and Jaspers surname
The country where the volturi lives
The tracker that bites Bella
Is imprinted on by Jared
The beach near Jacobs house
The woman that changes Jasper
The second book
The coven Edward belongs to
Bellas step-father
Billys tribe
Bella and Edwards baby
Where humans were getting changed into vampires in Eclipse
Nearly hit Bella with a car
The alphas surname
The town in which the volturi live
Jaspers human surname
Name of the actor that plays Riley
The colour porsche that Alice stole in Italy
Illusionist from the Amazon

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