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Can you name the twilight characters powers?

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Forced Order
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Creates an illusion
Can see what other peoples talents are
Can control the elements
Can tell if someones lying
Can read minds
Sees the emotional ties between people
Can cut off the senses
Can shield physical attacks
The best tracker
Can create an electric current on her skin
Tracker but not as efficent and precise as some
Has the ability to change the outcome of a situation by willing it to happen
Can shield mental attacks
Can read every thought youve ever had by touching you
Can influence the emotional ties between people
A tracker
Can make it hard for people to track/ catch her if shes trying to hide
Can tell if they are being lied to
Can control emotions
Had the power to make people happy
Can make himself mentally invisible to his pursuers
Can make it impossible for people to not resist her attraction is shes trying to attract them
Recieves visions of the future
Can induce a feeling of contententment to a persons situation that could become addictive for them
Can create an illusion of pain on a person
Can show anyone what she has seen by touching them

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