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Main character
Harry's male best friend
Harry's female best friend
Bearded head teacher at Hogwarts
Harry's mother
Harry's father
Harry's Godfather
Greasy hooked nose potions teacher
Harry's herbology loving friend
Gryffindor with a love of explosives
Muggle born Gryffindor who supports westham
Gryffindor who Harry took to the yule ball
Gryffindor who briefly dates Ron in the 6th year
Only Weasley daughter
Trouble making twins and beaters on Gryffindor quidditch team
Eldest Weasley Child
Ravenclaw whose patronus is a hare
Auror who has the ability to change appearance
Defense against the Dark arts teacher in Harry's first year
Captain of the Gryffindor quidditch team when Harry first joins
Harry's Slytherin rival
House elf Harry rescues from the Malfoys
Loveable giant gamekeeper
Large Boarhound owned by gamekeeper
Ravenclaw who Ginny dates during Harry's fifth year at Hogwarts
Pretty Ravenclaw who dates both Harry and Cedric
Harry's fellow Hogwarts competitor in the Tri-wizard tournamnet
Half Veela Tri-wizard competitor
Bulgarian quidditch player and Tri-wizard competitor
Uncle who raises Harry
Aunt who raises Harry
Harry's overfed spoilt cousin
Barman at Leaky Cauldron
Owns a wand shop on Diagon alley
Harry's beloved pet
Owner of a wizard robe shop on Diagon Alley
Mother of Harry's best friend
Head of Gryffindor house during Harry's time at hogwarts
Ugly Slytherin from which hermione takes cat hair mistakenly
Female Slytherin close to Draco Malfoy
Pompus Hufflepuff who becomes Head boy
Hufflepuff whose aunt works at the minisitry
Hufflepuff who becomes head girl in Harry's year
Hufflepuff who became petrified in Harry's second year
Werewolf defence against the dark arts teacher
Main Antagonist in the series
Female Death eater who tortured Frank and Alice Longbottom
Minister of Magic who wears Lime green Bowler hats
Minsiter of Magic who is described as lion like
Member of the order of the Phoenix who becomes minister of Magic
Auror who has a magical eye
Tri-wizard tournament judge who sent his death eater son to prison
Durmstrang headmaster and former death eater
Beauxbatons headmaster and half giant
Giant who lives in the forbidden forest during Harry's fifth year
Evil defence against the dark arts teacher in Harry's fifth year
Harry's Human divination teacher
Harry's Half Human divination teacher
Harry's self obsessed Defense against the Dark arts teacher
Weasley child who works with Dragons
Pompus Weasley child who works for the ministry
The Weasley's family owl
Small over energetic owl belonging to youngest Weasley son
Ugly half kneazle cat who befriends Sirius
Nasty squib Caretaker
Caretakers evil cat
Harry's plump herbology teacher
Harry's tiny Charms teacher
Ghost who haunts the girls bathrooms
Friendly Gryffindor Ghost
Fat friendly Hufflepuff Ghost
Ghost who was once related to a founder of Hogwarts
Scary Slytherin Ghost who is forced to wear chains
Troublesome Ghost who is despised by the Caretaker
Founder of Hogwarts who believed in accepting pure bloods only
Founder of Hogwarts who prided herself on intelligence
Founder of Hogwarts who was seen as brave
Founder of Hogwarts who was kind and friendly
Creature that attacks Draco in the third year
Head of the gryffindor quidditch team in Harry's fifth year
Gryffindor quidditch player who gets cursed in Harry's sixth year
Member of the order of the phoenix who is a theif
Squib who is witness at Harry's ministry Hearing
Captrain of the Slytherin Quidditch team in Harry's first year
Decendent of Helga Hufflepuff from which Tom Riddle stole a Horcrux
House elf who was blamed for the casting of the dark mark
Aunt blow up in Harry's third year
Harry's potions teacher in his sixth year
Large arachnid who attacks Harry in his second year
Dragon who Hagrid attempts to raise in Harry's First year
Rat who turns out to be an animagus
Name of Neville's Toad
Neville's fierce Grandmother
Death Eater who Kills Fred Weasley
Death Eater who betrays James and Lily Potter
Voldemorts mother
Voldemorts Father
Pureblood maniac whose son attends Hogwarts
Harry's child named after Hogwarts teachers
Harry's child named after his father and god father

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