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What subject is taught by Minerva Mcgonagall?-
What subject is taught by Auror Sinistra?-
What subject is taught by Romanda Hooch?-
What is taught by Wilkie Twycross?-
What subject is taught by Septima Vector?-
Snape always wanted which teaching position?-
Who is the substitute teacher for Care of Magical Creatures?Full name
Who teaches Herbology?Full name
Who is the Defense against the dark arts teacher in year 7?Full name
Who is the Muggle Studies teacher?Full name
Who taught Transfiguration before becoming Headmaster?Full name
Who is the school Nurse?Full name
Who is the schools Librarian?Full name
Who was the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher was a disguise?Full name
Who teaches History of Magic?Full name
Questions Answers Extras
Who is head of Ravenclaw house?Full name
Who is the head of Slytherin house in year 7?Full name
Which teacher loses their memory?Full name
Which ministry worker was made High Inquisistor at Hogwarts?Full name
Which teacher did Umbridge try and remove from the Hogwarts site?Full name
What shape are Professor Dumbledore's glasses? -
The only squib at Hogwarts _____Full name
The only half breed at Hogwarts _______-
The only half giant at Hogwarts ______Full name
Dumbledores patronus takes the form of a _______ -
Mcgonagalls animagus form ____-
Slughorn was found in which town in year 6?-
The gameskeeper before Hagrid was ____-
Who was the Headmaster before Dumbledore?Full name
Who was made Minister for Magic, once Voldemort had been defeated?Full name

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