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What dragon does rons brother work with?In book 1
What does Ron earn points for that go towards gryffindor winning the house cup?In book 1
What creature does Ron have a phobia of?In book 2
Who does he stay with in the chamber of secrets?In book 2
Who do we find out Ron is keeping as a pet?In book 3
Why cant Ron help save buckbeak and sirius?In book 3
Which team in the quidditch world cup does Ron support?In book 4
Who does he attend the Yule Ball with?In book 4
He becomes one of these for gryffindor.In book 5
What is Rons Patronus?In book 5
Questions AnswersHint
Harry pretends to put what in Rons drink before the quidditch match?In book 6
Starts dating which witch?In book 6
What does Ron recieve in Dumbledores will?In book 7 (part 1)
Disguises as which ministry worker?In book 7 (part 1)
Arrived through the tunnel from where?In book 7 (part 2)
Chased by what in the room of requirement?In book 7 (part 2)
Rons whole name.General
Destroyed which horcrux?General
How many siblings does Ron have? General
What are the names of Ron future children in age order.General

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