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'Turn to Page ___'Snape
'It does ___ do to dwell on _____, Harry, and ____ to live'Dumbledore
'Dobby never meant to kill, Only ____ or seriously ______'Dobby
'People ___ every day. Friends, _____. Yeah, we lost _____ tonight. He's still with us, in _____.' Neville
'I hope they have _____'Luna
'He covered in _____ again. Why is it hes always covered in ______?'Ginny
'I cant be a wizard im mean im ____ Harry. ____ Harry'Harry
'Just because you have the emotional range of a _________'Hermione
'If we die for _____ Harry, Im going to _____ you'Ron
'Until the ____'James
'Potter, it good to ___ you'Mcgonagall
you should have _______. If voldemort didn't kill you we wouldLupin
QuoteAnswerPerson said by
'You might not like him Minister, but you cant deny: Dumbledores got _____'Kingsley
'Your ____ remains, strong.' Scrimgeour
'Cissy, put the boys in the cellar! I'm going to have a conversation with this one, ___ to ____.'Bellatrix
No one asked for your opinion you ____ _____ _______'Draco
'Harry. Take my body back, will you? Take my body back to my ______'Cedric
'Avada _______'Voldemort
'tain't no safer place, not one. Cept pherhaps _______'Hagrid
James wouldn't have wanted me killed! Your dad... your dad would have ______ me!Pettigrew
'I prefer Sir ________' Nearly Headless Nick
'Not my _____ you bitch!'Mrs Weasley
You theenk Bill vill not ____ to marry me anymore?Fleur
You have no business here! This ____ is for champions, and friends.Krum

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