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Harrys blows up this relative....-
This magical vehicle picks him up....-
Which takes him to this place.....-
Where he found out this man has escaped from prison...full name
Who is harrys....-
And supposedly killed this man....full name
Who disguised himself as this pet.....-
Who as a child was friends with which new hogwarts teacher....full name
Who turns into this....-
Hermione is given this at the start of her third year....-
Which helped her save this creatures life....-
Who is what breed of creature....-
QuestionsAnswer Extra
Which professor does Harry stun....full name
In which building...-
Which is Located in which village...-
Harry is given this magical artifact...-
Which shows him how to get into which shops cellar...-
Sirius and harry were saved from which creatures....-
Which are the guards of....-
And want to perform the dementors ______ on sirius....-
They are forced away by which spell...-
Which was ordered by which man...full name
Harry gets sent which make of broom...-

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