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Who was the Gryffindor Captain in year 1-4?
Who was the Gryffindor Captain in year 5?
Who was the Gryffindor Captain in year 6?
In which two of Harrys school years was the quidditch cup cancelled?
In which of Harrys school years did harry get banned from quidditch?
These two quidditch players also got banned
Whilst harry was banned who took his place as seeker?
Which two teams played in the Quidditch world cup finals?
Who were the three chaser for the Irish quidditch team?(in alphabetical order)
Who was Bulgaria's seeker?
Who was referee at the Quidditch world cup?
Who was commentator at the Quidditch world cup?
Who is Hogwarts quidditch commentator?
Which Hufflepuff student also commentated as well as been the hufflepuff Quidditch Captain?
Which Ravenclaw student also commentated?
Questions Answers
Who was the Slytherin Captain in years 1 and 2?
The Hogwarts flying teacher.
Harrys first two broomsticks.
The slytherin teams broom in year 2.
Another two broom series's.
Which Quidditch position is there 2 of.
Which Quidditch position is there 3 of.
Which Quidditch two positions is there 1 of.
Who was the seeker for the Ravenclaw team?
What is the all womens Quidditch team called?
What Quidditch team did Ron Weasley support?
What team did Oliver Wood become a reserve for once he left Hogwarts?
Who was the chaser that took Fleur Delacour to the Yule Ball?
Which Quidditch team did Cho Chang support?
James Potter played in this Quidditch position?

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