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What bone does Neville break in his first Flying lesson?In book 1
How many points does Neville get for standing up to his friends?In book 1
What is the name of Nevilles great uncle?In book 2
Who did Neville recieve a howler from?In book 2
Who steals the gryffindor passwords from Nevilles bedside table?In book 3
What is Nevilles boggart?In book 3
What is the name of the book Moody gives to Neville?In book 4
In the movie what plant does Neville give to Harry so he can breathe underwater?In book 4
Where are Nevilles mum and dad?In book 5
What room does Neville find for the DA to practise in?In book 5
Qustions AnswersHint
What group did Neville briefly join?In book 6
Which other DA member replied to the summons of the DA coin?In book 6
Who does Neville get tortured by?In book 7 (part 1)
Where to the trio meet Neville?In book 7 (part 1)
Who does Neville kill in the battle of Hogwarts?In book 7 (part 2)
Who is Neville 'mad for'?In book 7 (part 2)
Who does Neville later get married to?General
What is Nevilles blood status?General
What house was Neville almost sorted into?General
What group were Nevilles parents a part of?General

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