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Where do we first meet Hermione?In book 1
She corrects Ron on which spell in Charms class?In book 1
Gets petrified on her way back from the ___________In book 2
Attends who's Halloween party?In book 2
Recieves this magical artifactIn book 3
Which they use to save which 2 lives?In book 3
She is used in which task?In book 4
She attends this with Viktor Krum.In book 4
She tells Harry to start which club?In book 5
She flew to London on what creature?In book 5
Questions Answers Hint
She was asked to join this club.In book 6
She jinxes which boy in the quidditch trails?In book 6
She recieves this from Dumbledore in his will.In book7 (part 1)
She gets tortured by which witch?In book 7 (part 1)
She steals and destroys which horcrux?In book 7 (part 2)
She attemps to kill this creature/ horcrux.In book 7 (part 2)
She goes forward to marry into this family.General
Was nearly sorted into this Hogwarts house.General
Forms SPEW for the protection of which creatures?General
The only class she was not good at.General

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