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What positions do Fred and George play as in the Gryffindor Quiditch team?In book 1
There mother sent them jumpers with a G and F on for Christmas causing them to call themselves what two names?In book 1
Flew what make of car to Surrey and back to resue Harry?In book 2
In the sumer before their 5th year at Hogwarts which country did they visit?In book 2
What magical artifact do they give to Harry?In book 3
They Showed him the quickest way to Hogsmeade was through which passage way?In book 3
Attended the Quidditch world cup and made a bet with this man __________In book 4
Fred took who to The Yule Ball?In book 4
Fred, George and Harry all get banned from Quidditch for doing what?In book 5
Join which group?In book 5
Set off fire works and made what in the corridor that was preserved by Professor Flitwick?In book 5
Open what shop on which street?In book 6
Harry gave the twins their start up loan so he doesnt have to do what in their shop?In book 6
Take part in what battle, looking like Harry?In book 7 (part 1)
Participated in what radio show run by their friend Lee Jordan?In book 7 (part 1)
The Weasleys all returned to Hogwarts tro fight in which battle?In book 7 (part 2)
Freds last words were to which character?In book 7 (part 2)
Which weasley sibling named one of their children after Fred?General
Which one of the twins lost their ear?General
Which sibling were the twins closest to?General
Which Slytherin do the twins push into the Vanishing cabinet?General

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