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What was the name of Dumbledore's childhood friend who he sought the deathly Hallows with?
How many uses did Dumbledore find for Dragons blood?
What creature lives in Dumbledore's office and is also his patronus?
What subject did Dumbledore teach before becoming headmaster?
What is Dumbledore's blood status?
What house was Dumbledore in while at Hogwarts?
What was the name of Dumbledore's close childhood friend who wrote his obituary?
What was the name of the book Rita Skeeter wrote based on Dumbledore's life?
What is Dumbledore's full name?
What is the name of the organization Dumbledore founded to fight against Voldemort?
What is Dumbledore's Boggart?
What is the name of the actor who played Dumbledore for the majority of the Harry Potter films?
Which one of Voldemort's horcruxes did Dumbledore destroy first?
What was the name of Dumbledore's alchemy partner?
What is the name of the place where both Dumbledore grew up and Harry was born?

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