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Who became Deans best friend?In book 1
He shared a room with which forgetful Pure blood?In book 1
Dean joined which club? In book 2
Dean was thought to be at risk of attack from what creature?In book 2
Dean supported which Triwizard champion?In book 4
Dean supported Harry in saying which Dark wizard was back?In book 4
Dean joined which new group?In book 5
Dean insulted which half breed teacher?In book 5
Dean was found to be in a relatioship with which witch?In book 6
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Who did he take over from as a gryffindor chaser?In book 6
Which four people/ gobins was Dean found travelling with? (in alphabetical order) (first names only)In book 7 (part 1)
Dean had to go on the run and not attend Hogwarts because what policy had been put in place there?In book 7 (part 1)
Whilst staying in ______ cottage, Dean became friends with who? (fill in the gap as well as answering thge question)In book 7 (part 2)
Dean fought in what battle along with his friends?In book 7 (part 2)
What is Deans last name?General
Which Football team does Dean support?General
What blood status does Dean think he is?General
What is Deans actual blood status?General

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