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Forced Order
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First name of the Squib that lives in Whinging...A
Name of the french school that competes in the Triwizard Tournament...B
Name of Hermiones cat...C
Name of the elf that Harry frees in book two...D
First name of Severus Snapes mother...E
Name of Hagrids pet that guards the Philosopher Stone...F
Name of the place that both Dumbledore and Harry lived as Children...G
Name the sweet shop found in Hogsmeade...H
First name of the Peverell brother Harry is a decendant of...I
First name of the Hufflepuff who is petrified in book two...J
Last name of the Death eater who was Headmaster at Durmstrang...K
First name of Katie Bells Friend who sees her get posessed...L
First name of the witch Hermione impersonates at the ministry of magic...M
First name of the metamorphmagus witch... N
Name of the best wand maker in Britain...O
First name of the Herbology teacher while Harry is at Hogwarts...P
Name of the defence against the Dark arts teacher in book one...Q
First name of the werewolf nicknamed Moony...R
Name of the house where Bill and Fleur Weasley live...S
Last name of the muggle born Harry shares dorm with...T
Name the spell Bellatrix performs on Snape and Narcissa at Spinners end...U
First name of Draco's friend who dies in book seven...V
Buckbeaks alternative name...W
First name of Luna lovegoods strange father... X
Last Name of the Death eater who chases the trio out of the minsitry in book seven...Y
Name of the joke shop found in HogsmeadeZ

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