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A european nomad, that leaves before the fight in breaking dawn.
The only vampire with a talent in the egyptian coven.
An american nomad, the mate of Jaspers friend Peter.
The volturis tracker.
The 'mother' of the Cullens.
The strongest of the volturis guards.
An american nomad, becomes Kates mate.
Was charlies best friend.
Created Jacob and Renesmees fake passports.
Was imprinted on by Jared.
The only male in the Irish coven.
A volturi leader with the ability to see the emotional ties between people.
The nickname for Renesmee.
Renees new husband.
Imprints on claire , one of Jacobs best friends.
Helped Victoria raise the newborn army because he thought she loved him.
One of the youngest wolves, changed after his father died.
One of Bellas human friends that nearly crashes his car into her.
The surname of the alpha.
Part of the Romanian coven.
Jaspers human surname.
Surname of Sams fiance.
The leader of the Amazon coven.

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