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R-Place his friend holds the DA meetings
O-Gryffindor Keeper before him
N-One of his fellow classmates
A-Headmaster at his school
L-Student in his sister's year who was with him at the Ministry
D- Muggles his friend lives with
B- History of Magic professor at his school
I- His main enemy at Hogwarts joins this organization
L-Spell that dangles him by his legs in HBP
I-His friend encounters these in a cave
U-DADA teacher at his school
S-One of his fellow classmates
W- Violent tree at his school
E-Spell his friend always uses against Lord Voldemort
A- OWL grade his friend gets
S-Potions teacher at his school
L-DADA teacher at his school after Quirrell
E-His is a Jack Russell Terrier and his friend's is a stag(spell used to create these)
Y-He commonly refers to Voldemort as this

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