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I am the only woman Death Eater to kill somebody
I am the only known person to die by a basilisk
I am Ginny Weasley's first boyfriend
If I were a Half-blood, Voldemort might have came for my family
I am one of the two victims of the Seven Potters,even though I'm not human
They think I'm loony, but I kicked some serious butt at the Ministry
I am the first human to be petrified by the basilisk
It was I who finally brought Dolohov to justice after Remus and the Prewetts
I am the only Gryffindor boy in Harry's year with two Muggle parents
I am the only known Metamorphmagus
I went to the Yule Ball with Hermy-oh-ninny
I used to be head of Slytherin,but I later finished the job off
I am the only Hogwarts founder who Riddle didn't use something of mine to make a Horcrux
My life makes You-Know-Who seem like a major git
I went to the Yule Ball with Fleur Delacour
Besides Potter, I am the only living Horcrux
I wanted to join the Headless Hunt, but Delaney-Podmore didn't let me
I am the only DADA teacher who did not leave Hogwarts due to severe injuries (not Snape)
I am the only werewolf Death Eater
I am the only living Dumbledore

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