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the first creature in his class was a grindylowhe flew with george during the seven potters battle
d.a.d.a. teacher 7his sister is the muggle studies teacher
d.a.d.a. teacher 4he is impersonated by barty crouch jr.
who made the prophecy hermione walks out on one of her divination classes
the herbology teachershe is replaced by neville longbottom
what is another gryffindor keeperhe is part of the slug club
the charms teacher he is the ravenclaw head
who does luna marry
his uncle invented wolfs-bane potionhe was part of the slug club
he was supposed to keep watch over harry when he was attacked by dementorshe steals from sirius
who could the prophecy also be aboutwhen harry & ron & and hermione stop going to hogwarts he starts dumbledore's army againwith ginny & luna
what are reg and mary cattermoles kid's namesron impersonates reg when they break into the ministry of magic
who takes care of nevilleshe is neville's grandmother from his dad's side of the family
she gets annoyed in the library because of krums fan clubharry is disappointed that she never heard of a horcrux
voldemorts horcruxhe kills severus snape
who does draco malfoy marryher son's name is Scorpio
what is buckbeak name after he is supposed tobe executed he lives with Sirius when he is supposed to be dead
he was going to hit kreacher with a frying panharry's beat mate
she told about the D.A.she is cho changs best friend
what is the name of the goblin that helps the trio break into Gringottshe led harry to his vault on his first trip to gringotts
she hated the triwizard tournament she is the nurse
lord voldemort is the heir of ...he builds the chamber of secrets
what is another gryffindor chasershe delives a message from dumbledore to harry
cho chang loved himhis dad is amos diggory
who was the gamekeeper before hagridhagrid was trained to replace her since his 3rd year
what is harry & ginny's sons namehe is the first slytherin in the family
they compared his eyes to tennis ballshis last words were ' dobby is glad to be with friend ... Harry Potter'
who is the flying instructershe is only mentioned in the sorcerers stone
what is nicholas flamel's wifes namenicholas flamel created the sorcerers stone
what is another gryffindor chasershe marries george wessley
who's patronus is a goathe broke albus dumbledores nose
she was petrified along with Hermione she is percy's girlfriend
what was sirius' marauder namehs animagus form is a dog
who killed helena ravenclawhe is the only one can conrrol peeves
who's patronus is a doeshe died on halloween
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she was accepted to the slug-club because of her bat bogey hexshe ends up marrying harry
who does harry potter take to the yule ballshe is a twin of padma
who tells voldemort harry is deadshe lies to protect draco
what is harry & ginny's daughters name she is the youngest sibling
his mother died while giving birthhis real name is tom riddle
she is an unregistered animagusher prized possession is her ' quick quotes quilll '
who is disguised as a bone and is buried in hagrids gardenhe was found in the woods by harry and krum
who begs dumbledore for acceptance at hogwartsshe gets a howler from dumbledore
who's patronus is a boarhe is the hufflepuff prefect
what is the one person igor says at his hearing that has not been clearedhe works in the department of mysteries
what was james' marauder namehis animagus form is a stag
who does ron weasley take to the yule ballshe is a twin of parvati
who's patronus is a foxhe doubts that voldemort is really back
who was the potions teacher in book 6one of his star pupils is lily potter
who was ginnys first boyfriend he is in ravenclaw
who does cedric diggory take to the yule ballshe gets over emotional
who's patronus is a lynxit disrupted Bill and Fleur's wedding
what are malfoy's two sidekicks Crabbe & Goyle's first namesboth their parents are death eaters
her last words were ' What will happen to your kids when mommy goes the same way as freddie'she loves the one person that cannot love her back
she was rescued in the second task in the triwizard tournament she is the best maid at bill and fleur's wedding
what is ron & hermione's daugters nameshe is a gryffindor
who does fleur delacour take to the yule ballhe was cho chang's ex boyfriend
what is ron & hermione's sons namehe is a gryffindor
d.a.d.a. teacher 5she hung mad eyes eye on her door
which phoenix is harry & voldemort's wand core fromharry thinks he is killing everything when Fawkes dies
who gives dudley a pig tailhe lives in a hut on the edge of the forbidden forest
what is a slytherin seekerhe is Harry's arch nemesis
in the 1 book he went to the zoo with dudleyhe is part of dudley's gang
his sister is margehis face turns purple when he is maf
who's patronus is a horseron catches her snogging in a deserted hallway
d.a.d.a. teacher 2he has a series of books
he got on a house quidditch team for catching a remembralllives on number 4 privet drive
she died soon after she had a babyshe married remus lupin
what is a gryffindor keeperhe won the quidditch cup in his 7th year
what is the name of hagrid's 3 headed doghe guards the scorcerers stone
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what was pettigrew's marauder namehis animagus form is a rat
who buys the slytherin team nimbus 2001she accidentally sets Dobby free
he won a trip to egypt he works in the misuse of muggle artifacts office
what is another gryffindor chaserhe dated ginny weasley
who does fred take to the yule ballshe ia a gryffindor chaser
the potions teacherhe is the half blood prince
what is another gryffindor beaterhe dies in the battle of hogwarts
she was childhood friends with snapeshe gave harry ultimate protection
who pronounce Voldemort ' Voldemor 'she wrote the series
what is a hufflepuff seekerhe dies in the goblet of fire
he was attacked by dementorshagrid gave him a pigtail
who's patronus is a phoenixhis pheonix's name is Fawkes
who's patronus is a doehe had a life long crush on lily potter
who's patronus is a hareshe can tell its harry even if he is disguised by his expression
aunt marge's favorite doghe chased harry up a tree
what is sirius' mothers nameshe put an forever sticking charm on her portait
d.a.d.a. teacher 1he had voldemort on the back of his head
who's patronus is a swanharry had a long crush on her
who is a centaur that teaches divinationhe saves harry on his first trip to the forbidden forest
what is sirius' father's namehe is married the walburga black
who was the riddle's gardener voldemort killed him in harry's dream
who did hermione think was the half blood princeshe is snape's mother
he works in romaniahe trains dragons
what is another gryffindor chasershe is one year olded than Harry
the transfiguration teachershe is deputy headmistress
what is a gryffindor chasershe gets a cursed necklace
bill weasley was attacked by this werewolf lupin was also attacked by him
who's grave was harry tied to in book 4he is tricked by Merope Gaunt into taking love potion
what is a gryffindor beaterhe loses an ear in the battle of the 7 potters
who was hokey's mastershe showed voldemort Hufflepuffs cup and Slytherins locket
what is harry & ginny's other sons namehe is a gryffindor
who was attacked by grindy lows in the second task & was unable to rescue her hostageshe marries bill weasley
d.a.d.a. teacher 3his nickname is moony

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