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AGrandfather of the previous owner of the Elder Wand before Harry Potter.
BWas placed under the imperius curse by Lucius Malfoy in order to obtain a prophecy.
CWas romantically involved with Tom Riddle Sr.
DNiece of Harry Potter.
EStarted the family tradition of beheading a house elf when it became too old to hold a tea tray.
FOwner of an ice-cream parlor in Diagon Alley.
GCaptain of the Holyhead Harpies.
HFirst person to successfully create a horcrux and breed a basilisk.
ISibling of Phineas NIgellus Black.
JBeater for Gryffindor Quidditch Team in 1996-7.
KAuthor of Quidditch Through the Ages.
LFriend of Katie Bell - witnesses Katie's possession by a cursed necklace.
MThe nephew of the inventor of the Wolfsbane Potion.
NA death eater - the father of Theodore Nott.
OGameskeeper when Mr and Mrs. Weasley attended Hogwarts.
PFriend of Dudley Dursley.
QBeater for the Irish National Quidditch Team.
RBrother of Rodolphus Lestrange.
SAn unspeakable for the Department of Mysteries.
TCat owned by Arabella Figg.
UA goblin activist who led the 18th century Goblin Rebellions.
VFriend of the Fat Lady.
WIs often seen drunk, hidden in the Room of Requirement by good friend Dobby.
XGrandfather of Lorcan and Lysander Scamander.
YA friend of the Dursley family and previous babysitter for Harry Potter.
ZMember of Dumbledore's Army - Hufflepuff student.

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