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Who did Sana expose in an instagram account?
What is Even and Isak's wifi password? (in english)
Who saw Noora and William's first kiss?
What is the group chat between Sana, Noora, Eva, Chris and Vilde called?
Where does Even claim to go when he's in a hotel with Isak?
What is Vilde holding when the girls meet Even in Kosegruppa?
What does Eva cook for Jonas and his friends in the countryhouse?
When Chris asked the Ouija board about Isak, what did it say?
What is the full name of Sana's crush/love interest?
Whose mom has bipolar disorder?
Who would Isak have sex with first out of his three best friends?
Name the artist that sings the song that Isak and Even dance to in the kitchen
Who is Even's favorite film director? (don't google how to spell his name huh)
What is Noora's username on instagram?
What does Eskild call himself?
Who did Eva cheat on Jonas with? (gift point)
What is Jonas's middle name?
Who was Even in love with before he met Isak?
Did that person like him back?
What does Elias call Sana after she loses a bet?
How many relationships did Linn have? (number, not word)
What flowers does Yousef give Sana?
Which elementary school did Eva, Jonas, Isak, Sara and Ingrid go to before Hartvig Nissen?
Does this school actually exist? (sorry hard question)
What about Hartvig Nissen? (that one is easy)
Name an actor that actually went to Hartivg Nissen
How old is he now? (June 2017)
At which award did 'Skam' win as the best series?
What is the creator, writer and director of skam's name?
Name the actress that played Chris

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