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Can you guess these Harry Potter Characters from their first line in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

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QuoteSpeakerChapter spoken in...
‘Ah, Mafalda! Travers sent you, did he?’
‘We was hiding in the corridor outside.’
‘Not sure, my dad left my mum when I was a kid…’
‘-Because it’s the first time for all of us.’
‘I only said he might be.’
‘...and thought they’d quite like to wash, yes,’
‘Oh, hello, Mafalda.’
‘I told them you’d take it like this.'
No! No! I beg you, I beg you…’
‘There ought to be a few salmon in here, or d’you reckon it’s too early in the season?’
‘What brings you up here, Runcorn?’
‘I deemed it prudent,’
“..and your hair’s much too long, Ronald, for a moment, I thought you were Ginerva.”
‘You’re going to leave us in this mess?’
‘Change of plan.”
‘I don’t know where he is, he was supposed to meet me here!’
‘I am afraid...that I cannot help you.’
‘Yes, m - my Lord’
‘Which makes you pretty skint, witless,’
‘But I’m fine...___, look at this.’
‘All righ’, Harry? Ready fer the off?’
‘Who’s there? Is it Potter? Are you Harry Potter?’
‘They’ve crashed, __! Crashed in the garden!’
QuoteSpeakerChapter spoken in...
‘Like ‘ell you are,’
‘Well, that’s the plan scuppered.’
‘Don’t you take that tone..”
‘He can get along without me for one night.’
‘What is this? Who are you?'
‘You look vunderful.’
‘Enchantée! Your ‘usband ‘as been telling us such amusing stories!’
‘Hello, Harry!’
‘’Please’ always helps’
‘Harry? You are the real Harry? What happened? Where are the others?’
‘Sorry to intrude, especially as I can see that I am gatecrashing a party.’
‘Madam Lestrange.’
‘Master, back in my mistress’s old house…’
‘Didn’t I tell you there was no need to hurry, Travers?’
‘Hi, Hagrid! How’s it going?’
‘Upstairs, keep the Cloak on, keep quiet!’
‘Harry, guess what?’
‘...apologize for our temporary absence from the airwaves…’
‘I knew you’d come! I knew it, Harry!’
‘But we can hold him up.

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