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Forced Order
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Type the vocab term or answerAnswer/Term (for letters, add a SPACE)
Which of the following is true (type the letter(s)); A) The nates are an island in the Western Arctic. B) The nates are something you sit on.
Does A or B describe a lemniscate (type the letter)? A; (x2 + y2)2 = a2(x2 - y2). B; AABBAABABACC
the flat area of bone between the eyebrows, used as a craniometric point.
True or False: a vagitus is a female body part
to wink or blink.
to make a crackling sound; crackle.
Palebral is a word describing a close proximity to something in the human body; what is that 'something'?
Which of the following items could be ganched (type the object); potato, human, shoe, Target grocery store
Which of the following would most likely be considered saporous (type the letter); A) a chocolate cake, B) a cooking show, C) Ryan Gosling, or D) ALL OF THE ABOVE
difficult or impossible for one of ordinary understanding or knowledge to comprehend
on the skin it is a small flat spot, in the eye it is a small spot where vision is keenest in the retina.
Yes or No: this vocabulary list could be described as 'recondite'
Of, relating to, or resembling seals.
a coat of delicate, downy hairs, especially that with which the human fetus or a newborn infant is covered.
Which of the following crepitates (enter the letter): A) a freshly picked orange, B) a well shaved middle-aged man, C) a bag of pop rocks on your tongue, or D) a newly painted car?
Science predicts that you have nictated a couple of times while taking this quiz. Nictate now, and then type 'eye'
True or False: you have lanugo
of or resembling a hare or hares.
a plane curve generated by the locus of the point at which a variable tangent to a rectangular hyperbola intersects a perpendicular from the center to the tangent.
of, relating to, or capable of exciting the sensation of taste
(of a plant) clipped or trimmed into fantastic shapes.
The indulgence in or pursuit of sexual activity.
a mistake in speech or writing OR an impolite or improper way of behaving
having many twists and turns OR moving and bending in a smooth and attractive way
arranged in or having the appearance of a mosaic; checkered.
Try to find your canthus right now, and then type GO BEARS
Type the vocab term or answerAnswer/Term (for letters, add a SPACE)
having well-shaped buttocks.
True or False: Scabrous is a synonym for ribald
Which of the following would be described as nacreous (type the letter); A) a potato, B) a pearl necklace, C) a pain in the nates
True or False; 'I am what I am'->I just made a solecism
buttocks; rump.
True or False #1: Phocinae, the root of Phocine, describes a plant. True or False #2: The harbor seal is in the family Phocinae.
the crying or screaming of a newborn baby or small child
To impale (a person) upon sharp hooks or stakes as a mode of execution.
Yes or No: You would be very touched if someone called you scolopendrine
lustrous, pearly
referring to sexual matters in an amusingly rude or irreverent way.
of, relating to, or located on or near the eyelids
A leporine is a resemblance to what cute animal?
the angle or corner on each side of the eye, formed by the junction of the upper and lower lids.
Which of these objects would most fittingly be described as sinuos? Cheese, Charcoal, Road, Pornography, Lemonade
Does Humbert Humbert partake in venery? (yes or no)
True or False: Nicki Minaj could be described as callipygian
Which of the following is a ribald comment (type the number); #1: 'DAYUM GURL YOU ARE SO CALLIPYGIAN.' or #2 'DAYUM GURL YOU ARE SO RECONDITE'
Is the macula in the retina or the dracula?
True or False: trimming a bush in the shape of Eric Naiman would be topiary
Go look up glabella on google! Did it creep you out? Yes or No
True or False; one's heart could be described as otiose
like a venomous centiped
having a rough surface OR referring to sex in a rude or shocking way
Say the word tessellated; did your tongue tessellate? (yes/no)
serving no practical purpose or result.

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