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Term first used as a verb for the fluid, rocking rhythmic momentum created in playing
Term in hip hop defined as rhythmic sound collages: Isolated breaks from popular records and mixed them into the middle of other dance records.
True or False? Being masculine was a stereotypical attribute of Asian Americans that clashed with their status as Jazz performers
Who was considered the 'King of Swing'? Used many of Fletcher's arrangments, but added a smoothness.
True or false? Swing emphasizes horn riffs.
These singers represent the second circle of Powwow
In what time period was there a significant drop in record sales?
True or False? The thriller music video was meant to promote the album?
Grandmaster flash refined what technique used in Hip Hop
Brown's treatment of Far East Suite was meant to evoke a ______ point of view
The second wave of tango occured during what time period? (think exoticism)
Hip-Hop originiated in what part of New York City?
What is an Aerophone Invented in Germany mid 1800s that was Intended for Religious Music
Duke Ellington & Billy Staryhorn recorded this song as a multicultural experience
The Avant-Garde phase of tango occurred during what time period?
True or false? The second circle of a Powwow gathering is responsible for supplying the heartbeat
Name of Michael Jackson's most successful album
Rock n Roll was meant to appeal this generation
Name the four key terms used in Jashen's lecture to describe musical theater (first word is E____, second word is E____, third word is A_____, fourth word is T_____)
What type of Jazz developed in the 1920s-1930s, paving the way for swing music?
Who is considered the voice of a Powwow gatherings?
True or False? De La Soul paid 142,000.00 per second of “You Showed me”
Which one of these men was not a founder of Asian Improv Records: Paul Yamada, pianist Jon Jang, guitarist Fred Ho, or saxophonist Francis Wong?
True or False? The Judges in Biz Markey x Gilbert Sullivan ruled that sampling was totally legal and cool
True or False? Afrika Bambataa defined hip hop further with his use of electronic sound?
Which rap group was brought to the Supreme Court when charged for stealing from the rock single 'Oh, Pretty Woman'
True or false? Music videos were originally created to promote an artist or their album?
Which of the following does not make a good Powow singer: Stamina, beauty, inspiration or memory?
True or false? The Bandoneon was used in tango.
During the Golden Age of tango, who was the most influential performer?
Jazz is typically (and stereotypically) believed to be created by ____ people and _____ people (if you don't get this at first, try switching the order of your answers)
The following is considered the center of a tribal circle (first circle), placed in the center
These singers represent the third circle of a Powwow gathering
Whose cover of 'houd dog' changed the meaning entirely; much more succesful
The mid _____'s (time period) saw a rapid acceleration of rap’s movement into the popular mainstream.
Term for a persian flute used in Brown's imrpovisation of Far East Suite
Who originally performed 'hound dog'?
Irene and Vernon Castle were famous Tango-dance performers. Where did this couple perform?
Name of a political activist in Asian Jazz performance culture who played the Saxophone
Name for the type of movement/dance that is a major aspect of Hip Hop
Name of musical with the controversial song 'Everyone's a Little Bit Racist'
True or false? The Bandoneon was used in powwow.
Who originally performed 'Tutti Frutti'?
'Flow' and rupture refers to what aspect of the sound of Hip Hop?
Who originally performed 'aint that a shame'
True or False? True or False? Being nerdy was a stereotypical attribute of Asian Americans that clashed with their status as Jazz performers
Term for the rhetorical strategy used in Hip Hop lyrics; slang and boasting force the listener to interpret implicit criticism of THE STRUGGLE
In 1991, Judge Kevin Thomas Duffy equated sampling to _____
a high-pitched piercing tongue trill used in the Plains signing style (spelling)
A rhythmic drive is often created by a _____ bass line
What/who represents the fourth circle of Powwow?
DJ ____ _____ was the man who set the blueprint for emceeing in Hip Hop using Jamaicain toasting rituals
Number of steps in the main Tango dance step figure
The Asian American Jazz song Butterfly Lovers Song was based off of this type of old tune
Term for the use of bits of pre-existing music or found sounds to manipulate and recontextualize
Certain potential hit albums were _____ promoted
What television station had a major effect on the creation of 'rock stars'?
Name of musical that was based off of an African American southern horror
Term for the rap lyricist and performer
True or false? Swing emphasizes guitar riffs.
A short, recurrent melodic or rhythmic phrase; hallmark of swing
The time period of 1935-1945 was very important to swing in that the style became a symbol of _______
This man (and his band) are often credited with the rise of swing
Name for the vocal aspect of Hip Hop
Name for the visual aspect of Hip Hop
During the Avant-Garde phase of tango, this composer revived the music with the sextet. (spelling is tricky, first name Astor)
During the 1920s-1950s, the Tango-Song emerged. What is the name of this age?
Name for song text syllables that are not linguistically meaningful
The following instruments were the typical ensemble for ______: 2 violins, 2 bandoneones, piano and a bass
In the Bay Area, Asian American jazz had a giant cultural and political movement in this time period
Tango originated in poor neighborhoods of Buenos Aires and Montevideo during what time period?
This man founded and directed a hella big Asian American Jazz Orchestra
A large theme in Jashen's lecture on musical theater was the ________ of culture; use of cultural stereotypes to make a hip and grungy product
_______ism is the name for the aspect of Hip Hop associated with music technology; term for scratching and mixing music
This music has a rhythmic drive; drum pattern that involves playing the bass drum pedal on all 4 beats of a measure and a regular tapping pattern
Tango began moving to downtown cafes while gaining acceptance outside Argentina during what time period?
Who scovered both 'aint that a shame' and 'tutti frutti'?
Is the following a common use of a riff? As a continuous supporting texture underneath a soloist (yes/no)
What type of rhythmic progession was a primary characteristic of Tango music?
This song by Sugarhill Gang ushered in success for many Hip Hop singles by New York artists

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